Influence of natural and synthetic carotenoids on the color of egg yolk

Fernanda Papa Spada, Miriam Mabel Selani, Antonio Augusto Domingos Coelho, Vicente José Maria Savino, Arnaldo Antônio Rodella, Miriam Coelho Souza, Flavia Salgado Fischer, Dayane Elizabethe Aokui Lemes, Solange Guidolin Canniatti-Brazaca
2016 Scientia Agricola  
Carotenoids are incorporated into the diet of laying hens in order to modify the yolk color. A natural source of carotenoids in tropical countries is annatto, which could be used in the diets of hens. This study aimed to evaluate the addition of natural (annatto) and synthetic carotenoids to the diet of laying hens (commercial and alternative) and their effects on yolk color and consumer sensory perception of fresh and stored eggs obtained from two different preparations (boiled and fried).
more » ... led and fried). Physicochemical analysis of proximate composition, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), emulsion activity and instrumental color were performed. Cooking caused significant alterations to the moisture in the preparations and this may have directly affected the color intensity, influencing factors related to egg appearance. In this study, 85 % of the panelists indicated that yolk color is an important attribute of the product's quality. There was no antioxidant effect of the carotenoids in raw eggs. Synthetic additives should be better dosed to obtain the desired effect. Storage did not alter the proximate composition of the eggs.
doi:10.1590/0103-9016-2014-0337 fatcat:qjskkvuw7jeqpbndchvwrqthbm