Design of Control Networks for China Initiative Accelerator Driven System

Zhiyong He, Wenjuan Cui, Yuhui Guo, Yichuan He, Yuxi Luo, Qiang Zhao, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Corvetti, Lou (Ed.), Riches, Kathleen (Ed.)
In this paper, we report the conceptual design of control networks used in the control system for China initiative accelerator driven sub-critical (ADS) facility which consists of two accelerator injectors, a main accelerator, a spallation target and a reactor. Because different applications have varied expectations on reliability, latency, jitter and bandwidth, the following networks have been designed for the control systems, i.e. a central operation network for the operation of accelerators,
more » ... on of accelerators, target, and reactor; a reactor protection network for preventing the release of radioactivity to the environment; a personnel protection network for protecting personnel against unnecessary exposure to hazards; a machine protection network for protecting the machines in the ADS system; a time communication network for providing timing and synchronization for three accelerators; and a data archiving network for recording important measurement results from accelerators, target and reactor. Finally, we discuss the application of high-performance Ethernet technologies, such as Ethernet ring protection protocol, in these control networks for CIADS.
doi:10.18429/jacow-icalepcs2015-wepgf021 fatcat:452d4virg5d5rpgodwg2a35gii