Application of D-Decomposition Technique to Selection of Controller Parameters for a Two-Mass Drive System

Radosław Nalepa, Karol Najdek, Karol Wróbel, Krzysztof Szabat
2020 Energies  
In this work, issues related to the application of the D-decomposition technique to selection of the controller parameters for a drive system with flexibility are presented. In the introduction the commonly used control structures dedicated to two-mass drive systems are described. Then the mathematical model as well as control structure are introduced. The considered structure has only basic feedbacks from the motor speed and PI type controller. Due to the order of the closed-loop system, the
more » ... ee location of the system's poles is not possible. Large oscillations can be expected in responses of the plant. In order to improve the characteristics of the drive, the tuning methodology based on the D-decomposition technique is proposed. The initial working point is selected using an analytical formula. Then the value of controller proportional gain is decreasing, until the required value of overshoot is obtained. In the paper different advantages of the D-decomposition technique are presented, for instance calculation of global stability area for the selected gain and phase margin, the impact of parameter changes, and additional delay evident in the system. Theoretical considerations are confirmed by simulation and experimental results.
doi:10.3390/en13246614 fatcat:iepej7qxejendiugghaolh2csy