Lack of evidence for interactions between APOE and Klotho genotypes on cognitive, dementia and brain imaging metrics in UK Biobank [article]

Rachana Tank, Joey Ward, Daniel J Smith, Kristin Flegal, Donald M. Lyall
2021 medRxiv   pre-print
Importance: Recent research has suggested that genetic variation in the Klotho (KL) locus may modify the association between apolipoprotein e (APOE) e4 genotype and cognitive impairment. Objective: Large-scale testing for associations and interactions between KL and APOE genotypes vs. risk of dementia (n=1,570 cases), cognitive abilities (n=174,513) and brain structure (n = 13,158) in older (60+ years) participants. Design, setting and participants: Cross-sectional and prospective data (UK
more » ... nk). Main outcomes and measures: KL status was indexed with heterozygosity of the rs9536314 polymorphism (vs. not), in unrelated people with vs. without APOE e4 genotype, using regression and interaction tests. We assessed non-demented cognitive scores (processing speed; reasoning; memory; executive function), multiple structural brain imaging, and clinical dementia outcomes. All tests were corrected for age, sex, assessment centre, eight principal components for population stratification, genotypic array, smoking history, deprivation, and self-reported medication history. Results: APOE e4 presence (vs. not) was associated with increased risk of dementia, worse cognitive abilities and brain structure differences. KL heterozygosity was associated with less frontal lobe grey matter. There were no significant APOE/KL interactions for cognitive, dementia or brain imaging measures (all P>0.05). Conclusions and relevance: We found no evidence of APOE/KL interactions on cognitive, dementia or brain imaging outcomes. This could be due to some degree of cognitive test imprecision, generally preserved participant health potentially due to relatively young age, type-1 error in prior studies, or indicative of a significant age-dependent KL effect only in the context of marked AD pathology.
doi:10.1101/2021.01.11.20248318 fatcat:pcgrg2ulnjb6rerrdfpwrjcve4