Factors Affecting Sorption and Solubility of Denture Base Acrylic Materials: A Review

Rian George Barnard, Peter Christopher Clarke-Farr, Abduraghman Latief
2022 Annals of Dentistry  
Heat-cured PMMA is one of the most frequently used materials in the manufacture of removable dentures. Heat-cured material used to fabricate dentures contain soluble elements, allowing the material to absorb and release substances. These factors all directly affect the longevity and performance of protheses fabricated from polymethyl methacrylate denture base material. Various procedures associated with fabrication of removable dentures from heat-cure denture base material are reported to
more » ... icantly influence the sorption and solubility experienced by the prosthesis. A comprehensive search of peer-reviewed journals located within academic databases was conducted to identify relevant literature pertaining to sorption and solubility of denture base materials. Key aspects of each paper were captured in Microsoft® Excel® to record author/s, location, study design, sample size, methodology, results and conclusions. Mixing ratios and polymerisation cycles have been identified as variables that can negatively influence the rate of sorption and solubility of denture base materials during the fabrication process. Certain surface treatment procedures, as well as storing the denture in artificial saliva solution may reduce the levels of sorption and solubility experienced and optimise its lifespan. In this review we identify these factors and consider the detrimental effects of sorption and solubility on denture base acrylic materials.
doi:10.22452/adum.vol29no1 fatcat:bjwvhaoz5ndcxgfoiemdyermym