Transient otoacustic emissions with tone pip in individuals with sensorineural hearing loss

Thays Bueno Takeda, Daniela Gil
2011 Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology  
Ot oacoustic Emissions are generated by the cochlea in response to sound stimuli. They can be generated by clicks or specific frequency stimuli, such as tone pips. This is a quick and objective test with several applications. Objective: To investigate the influence of the type of stimulus achieving otoacoustic emissions in individuals with mild and moderate sensorineural hearing loss of sloping configuration. Material and Method: Thirty-two male and female patients aged from 17 to 63 years,
more » ... 17 to 63 years, with symmetric sensorineural hearing loss with a sloping configuration were evaluated. All subjects underwent transient otoacoustic emissions testing elicited by clicks and 2.000Hz and 4.000Hz tone pips. Results: The degree of hearing loss and gender influenced otoacoustic emissions; it was significant for click stimulus and tone pips at 2.000Hz. Emissions were absent more often in females with both procedures. Conclusions: Otoacoustic emissions evoked with clicks coincided with the emissions of tone pips at 2.000Hz. Tone pips at 4.000Hz were more sensitive than clicks for detecting impairment in individuals with high frequencies hearing loss. Gender and the degree of hearing loss ere factors that affected OAE registration. Braz J Otorhinolaryngol. 2011;77(5):616-21. ORIGINAL ARTICLE BJORL
doi:10.1590/s1808-86942011000500014 fatcat:ucp4c3q6dvfzpmxskcnedlcuk4