A Road Network Traffic State Identification Method Based on Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram and Spectral Clustering and Support Vector Machine

Xiaohui Lin
2019 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Accurate identification of road network traffic status is the key to improve the efficiency of urban traffic control and management. Both data mining method and MFD-based methods can divide the traffic state of road network, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The data mining method is oriented to traffic data with high efficiency, but it can only discriminate traffic status from microlevel, while the MFD of road network can discriminate traffic status from macrolevel, but there
more » ... rolevel, but there are still some problems, such as the fact that the discriminant method of equivalence points based on MFD lacks theoretical support or that traffic status could not be subdivided. If data mining methods and road network's MFD are combined, the accuracy of road network traffic state identification will be greatly improved. In addition, the research shows that the combination of unsupervised learning clustering analysis method (such as spectral clustering algorithm) and supervised learning machine algorithm (such as support vector machine algorithm (SVM)) is more accurate in traffic state identification. Therefore, a traffic state identification method based on MFD and spectral clustering and SVM is proposed, combining the advantages of spectral clustering algorithm and SVM algorithm. Firstly, spectral clustering algorithm is used to classify the traffic state of road network's MFD. Secondly, SVM multiclassifier is trained with the partitioned road network's MFD parameters, and the accuracy evaluation method of classification results based on obfuscation matrix is given. Finally, the connected-vehicle network simulation platform is built for empirical analysis. The results show that the classification results of spectral clustering algorithm are closer to the theoretical values, compared with K-means algorithm, and the accuracy of SVM multiclassifier is 96.3%. It can be seen that our algorithm can identify the road network traffic state more effectively from the macrolevel.
doi:10.1155/2019/6571237 fatcat:t5ubfi3gbvdgzl7auptntf454q