Optimizing the Cloud Storage by Data Deduplication: A Study

Zuhair Al-Sagar, Mohammad Saleh, Aws Sameen
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
In the last few years, the digital data, such images, audio, video and files are exploding. A lot of problems in storage and performance are appearing. Lots of money is spent on these problems. Until the scientists focus on the problems and the needs to solve these problems. Now days there are many techniques used for eliminating the redundant data in the storage. One of the best technique is the deduplication data. In this paper a study on previous researches will do. Focus on the gaps and the
more » ... problems that they could not solve it or introduce them as a future work. Finally, we propose a new method depending on the literature to fill the gaps. This method based on the checking the data, whether it is in the cloud storage before storing it.