Noise Gated by Dendrosomatic Interactions Increases Information Transmission

Richard Naud, Alexandre Payeur, André Longtin
2017 Physical Review X  
We study how noise in active dendrites affects information transmission. A mismatch of both noise and refractoriness between a dendritic compartment and a somatic compartment is shown to lead to an input-dependent exchange of leadership, where the dendrite entrains the soma for weak stimuli and the soma entrains the dendrite for strong stimuli. Using this simple mechanism, the noise in the dendritic compartment can boost weak signals without affecting the output of the neuron for strong
more » ... for strong stimuli. We show that these mechanisms give rise to a noise-induced increase of information transmission by neural populations.
doi:10.1103/physrevx.7.031045 fatcat:fym2pvnzwzc27e2fhn6flqxmra