Flat Cosmology with Coupled Matter and Dark Energy

A.-M. M. Abdel-Rahman, Ihab F. Riad
2007 Astronomical Journal  
Three models of a flat universe of coupled matter and dark energies with different low-redshift parameterizations of the dark energy equation of state are considered. The dark energy is assumed to vary with time like the trace of the energy-momentum tensor of cosmic matter. In the radiation-dominated era the models reduce to standard cosmology. In the matter-dominated era they are, for modern values of the cosmological parameters, consistent with data from SNe Ia searches and with the data of
more » ... rvits et al.(1999)for angular sizes of ultra compact radio sources. We find that the angular size-redshift tests for our models offer a higher statistical confidence than that based on SNe Ia data. A comparison of our results with a recent revised analysis of angular size-redshift legacy data is made,and the implications of our models with optimized relativistic beaming in the radio sources is discussed. In particular we find that relativistic beaming implies a Lorentz factor less than 6,in agreement with its values for powerful Active Galactic Nuclei.
doi:10.1086/521356 fatcat:xzlfcaecincuxedsmztblmzqla