Comparison of Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of Ni/YSZ and Cu/YSZ Cathode for High Temperature Electrolysis
고온수전해용 Ni/YSZ와 Cu/YSZ 환원극의 미세구조 및 전기전도도 비교

Jong-Min Kim, Seock-Jae Shin, Sang-Kook Woo, Kae-Myung Kang, Hyun-Seon Hong
2008 Korean Journal of Materials Research  
Hydrogen production via high high-temperature steam electrolysis consumes less electrical energy than compared to conventional low low-temperature water electrolysis, mainly due to the improved thermodynamics and kinetics at elevated temperaturetemperatures. The elementalElemental powders of Cu, Ni, and YSZ are were used to synthesize high high-temperature electrolysis cathodecathodes, of Ni/YSZ and Cu/YSZ composites, by mechanical alloying. The metallic particles of the composites were
more » ... y covered with finer YSZ particles. Sub-micron sized pores are were homogeneously dispersed in the Ni/YSZ and Cu/YSZ composites. In this study, The cathode materials were synthesized and their Characterizations properties were evaluated in this study: It was found that the better electric conductivity of the Cu/YSZ composite was measured improved compared tothan that of the Ni/YSZ composite. Slight A slight increase in the resistance can be produced for in a Cu/YSZ cathode by oxidation, but it this is compensated offset for by a favorable thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, Cu/YSZ cermet can be adequately used as a suitable cathode material of in high high-temperature electrolysis
doi:10.3740/mrsk.2008.18.7.384 fatcat:k6r5q5hvfbhpnblz72d54unbba