A generalized asymmetry model for square contingency tables with ordered categories

Kiyotaka Iki, Takahiro Suto, Sadao Tomizawa
2016 Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications (JSTA)  
For square contingency tables with ordered categories, the present paper proposes an asymmetry model with m-additional parameters, which indicates (1) the generalized marginal homogeneity and (2) the structure of quasi-symmetry for cumulative probabilities. The proposed model includes a modified palindromic symmetry model by Iki, Oda and Tomizawa [7]. Also the present paper gives the decomposition of the symmetry model using the proposed model. Examples are given.
doi:10.2991/jsta.2016.15.3.4 fatcat:d5nckcn45vb63b2jxf6s7vsama