Original Article Down regulation of p19ARF by microRNA218 induces apoptosis of EC9706

Zhifeng Sun, Weiming Hu, Xuefan Jiang
2016 Int J Clin Exp Pathol   unpublished
microRNAs are a variety of non-coding small RNAs which involve in various biological process including cell signaling transduction and cell cycle regulation. This study is designed to investigate the regulatory role of mi-croRNA218 and p19ARF in esophageal cancer. microRNA218 and scramble miRNA (miRNA) were synthesized and transfected into esophageal squamous cell carcinoma EC9706 cells using liposomal transfection techniques. MTT assay, caspase-3 activity assay, and flow cytometry were used to
more » ... ometry were used to investigate the effect of microRNA218 on EC9706 cells. siRNA of cycle inhibitor p19ARF or p19ARF plasmids were transfected into EC9706 cells. microRNA218 was then transfected into p19ARF-silenced or p19ARF-overexpressed EC9706 cells. Western blot was used to measure the expression levels of p19ARF and apoptosis of each type of cells were measured. Transfection of microRNA218 reduced the growth of EC9706 cells, increased phosphatidylserine eversion, activated caspase-3, and decreased the expression levels of p19ARF. Silence of p19ARF enhanced microRNA218-induced apoptosis of EC9706 cells. Overexpression of p19ARF inhibited microRNA218-induced apoptosis of EC9706 cells. microRNA218 induces apop-tosis of EC9706 cells via down-regulation of p19ARF.