Cartilage Endplate and its Role in Disk Degeneration (Analytical Review of the Literature)

L.M. Bengus, N.V. Dedukh
2012 Bolʹ, Sustavy, Pozvonočnik  
This review summarizes the current literature data on the structure and function of the cartilage endplate in humans and animals. Age aspect of the cartilage endplate changes and its disturbances in disk degeneration is presented. The role of endplate chondrocyte apoptosis in the initiation of the intervertebral disk degeneration is shown. The experimental models of cartilage endplate damage and following them cascade of pathological events were analyzed. Presented clinical data involving
more » ... y observations indicates that avulsion-type disc herniation in the background of severe degeneration of the cartilage endplate and the dorsal corner defect of the vertebral body contains hyaline cartilage.
doi:10.22141/2224-1507.2.06.2012.82229 doaj:cc7861b76ef54af4bb10ee909926eb6e fatcat:rlw5qt3umrfylfeeplpr2hiw54