Determination of molybdenum oxidation state on the mechanochemically treated MoO3
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N.S. Kopachevska, A.K. Melnyk, I.V. Bacherikova, V.A. Zazhigalov, K. Wieczorek-Ciurowa
2015 Himia Fizika ta Tehnologia Poverhni  
The molybdenum oxidation degree in the MoO 3 samples after mechanochemical treatment in various media (air, water, ethanol) has been studied by titration, EPR and XANES methods. It has been shown that molybdenum reduction proceeds in all the media used and its degree is determined by powder loading (rotation speed and time treatment) and medium nature. The XANES spectra demonstrate that MoO 3 reduction leads to Mo 5+ ions formation only. The maximal reduction degree is observed at treatment in
more » ... ed at treatment in ethanol. Existence of charged oxygen species located within Mo 5+ environment was also shown.
doi:10.15407/hftp06.04.474 fatcat:v2uvbwpidbdyrnargfpb3i55ta