Population status of oribi (Ourebia ourebi Zimmermann, 1783) in Maze National Park, southern Ethiopia

Wondimagegnehu Tekalign, Afework Bekele
2015 Bangladesh Journal of Zoology  
<p>The population status of oribi (Ourebia ourebi Zimmermann, 1783) was carried out in the newly established Maze National Park, Ethiopia for two consecutive years (October 2009 to December 2011). A total count method was employed based on silent detection method in an area of 220 km<sup>2</sup>. A total of 894 and 1103 individuals were counted during the two consecutive years, respectively. Seasonal variation was significantly different with more individuals during the dry season than the wet
more » ... eason than the wet season (p&lt;0.05). The density of oribi over the whole area was 3.40 and 4.36 during the wet and 4.72 and 5.66 individuals per km<sup>2</sup> during the dry seasons in both years, respectively. The study was important for future conservation measures as the oribi is the flagship species of the area.</p><p>Bangladesh J. Zool. <strong>41</strong>(2): 145-151, 2013</p>
doi:10.3329/bjz.v41i2.23316 fatcat:wsuusvjt7renzeznrkua4xgscy