An Antiquity to the contemporary of Secret Sharing Scheme

2020 Journal of Innovative Image Processing  
Secret Sharing (SS) scheme divides a secret image into shadow images (referred to as shares) in a way that requires the shadows in a certain privileged coalition for the secret reconstruction. However, the secret image cannot be revealed if they are not combined in a prescribed way. In this paper, the evolution of the traditional secret sharing scheme to the contemporary of secret sharing scheme has been presented based on its technology adoption. The basic comparison between the traditional
more » ... the traditional secret sharing scheme and Visual cryptography is presented. The image-based share generation process has been explained in the context of pixel sharing patterns and its process. The reconstruction image is obtained by the XOR /OR Boolean operation. The threshold-based share generation schemes are explained mathematically and the comparative analysis of these schemes also presented.
doi:10.36548/jiip.2020.1.001 fatcat:7mgsvvvsfrc3jnvrqrkfpoqzma