A Novel Method to Enhance of Power Quality in Distribution System using IDVR

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
The dynamic voltage trained worker (DVR) offers series compensation and better management resolution to voltage-sag drawback; as a results of the voltage restoration technique provides Active Power injection into the distribution system, to spice up active power at intervals the system ids done correct alternative of DVR in given network, considerably for mitigating long-duration voltage dips i.e. sag, and sag mitigation amount depends on the energy storage capability of the DVR. This paper
more » ... e higher answer in modeling the simulation of voltage sag compensation through Interline Dynamic Voltage trained worker (IDVR) and it provides some way to top off dc-link energy storage dynamically. The IDVR consists of the various} DVRs connected to numerous distribution feeders within the power System. The DVRs within the IDVR system share common energy storage. one all told the DVR compensates for voltage sag showing throughout this feeder, the opposite DVRs top off the energy within the common dc-link dynamically. Thus, one DVR within the IDVR system works in voltage-sag compensation mode whereas the opposite DVRs within the IDVR system operate in constant power management mode. this system involves SPWM technologies to spice up the Doctor of Theology. The simulation results unit of measuring enclosed may additionally} the operative principles of a DVR and shows the effectiveness and also the power of the projected IDVR system to spice up power quality
doi:10.35940/ijrte.b1173.0982s1119 fatcat:f2rp72l5fbafjax2cayfvjv7ta