Material embodiment and energy flows as efficiency indicators of soybean (Glycine max) production in Brazil

Thiago L. Romanelli, Hudson de S. Nardi, Filipe A. Saad
2012 Engenharia Agrícola  
As the requirement for agriculture to be environmentally suitable there is a necessity to adopt indicators and methodologies approaching sustainability. In Brazil, biodiesel addition into diesel is mandatory and soybean oil is its main source. The material embodiment determines the convergence of inputs into the crop. Moreover, the material flows are necessary for any environmental analysis. This study evaluated distinct production scenarios, and also conventional versus GMO crops, through the
more » ... crops, through the material embodiment and energy analysis. GMO crops demanded less indirectly applied inputs. The energy balance showed linearity with yield, whereas for EROI, the increases in input and yield were not affected.
doi:10.1590/s0100-69162012000200006 fatcat:ieaqke56uzhy7hu7r7dez2e7dm