Somaclonal variations for crop improvement: Selection for disease resistant variants in vitro

Veena S Anil, Savitha Lobo, Spurti Bennur
2018 Plant Science Today  
Somaclonal variations (SV) are genetic or epigenetic changes induced in plant cell and tissue culture. Induction of somaclonal variation, is an alternate approach to conventional breeding and transgenic approaches to introduce desirable genetic variability in the gene pool. SVs that occur spontaneously in culture induce changes in a range of plant characters. However, the probability of improving a key agronomic trait such as disease resistance can be cumbersome when left to chance alone. The
more » ... chance alone. The efficiency of developing disease resistant SVs is better with the imposition of an appropriate in vitro selection pressure. Selection agents that have been applied include pathogen elicitors, pathogen culture filtrate and purified pathotoxins. This method of SV selection has been successful in enhancing disease resistance in several crops and it is an accepted biotechnological approach with tremendous potential for crop improvement.
doi:10.14719/pst.2018.5.2.382 fatcat:ybqfw5q4pnapvp22jpbnhojavy