Integration of Technology in Teaching of Science at Secondary Level in City Muzaffarabad

2018 International journal of innovation in teaching and learning  
It is becoming challenging to prepare learners for technological age and use of technology tools in schools. Teachers are integrating technology in schools for instructional purposes. Integrating technology in many content areas is supporting learning, educational environment and enhancing skills of students. Integration of technology is not merely a synonym of computers. The present study is about the integration of technology in teaching of science. The objectives of the study were to explore
more » ... the current status of instructional technology tools and resources in classroom at secondary level, to identify the effect on learning attitudes of students and to examine the importance of instructional technology for science teachers. This study focused on the current status of the use of technology in the classrooms and about the use of appropriate teaching skills.100 participants were the sample size of the study. In this study two questionnaires were administered to collect data on availability of technology tools and resources in secondary schools along with exploring the status of integrating technology in teaching science at secondary level in city Muzaffarabad. Data analysis revealed that most of the technology resources and tools are available in secondary school of city Muzaffarabad and secondary school teachers are using them in teaching of science. Integration of the technology while teaching learning process benefits the science teachers in the following ways: eases the pressure on them while teaching, professional development, and classroom management and in enhancing their pedagogical skills. Other dimension of this study can be used to measure the students' performance and their attitude towards learning while integrating technology in teaching science.
doi:10.35993/ijitl.v4i2.488 fatcat:c4kk7jzfxfdqlaldf6dpuvhsqy