Catalogue of the Heterocerous Lepidopterous Insects collected at Sarawak, in Borneo, by Mr. A. R. Wallace, with Descriptions of New Species

Francis Walker
1862 Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London Zoology  
1. BGERIA CHALYBEA, n. s. Mas. Chalybeo-cyanea, pectore et segmentorum abdominalium marginibus posticis mgenteis, pedibus pallide aurato tomentosis, alis limpidis, costa venis finibriaque purpureis. Male. Cbalybeous blue. Pectus and sides of the thorax silvery. Abdominal segments 'with silvery hind borders. Legs with pale gilded tomentum. Wings limpid ; costa, fringe, and veins cupreous purple. Length of the body 5 lines ; of the wings 10 lines. The specimen of this species is injured, and
more » ... fore it is not fully described. Gen. SALNNINA, Walk. 2. SANNINA PULCHRIPENKIS, n. s. Mas. Cyanea, robusta, viridi purpureoque varia, oculis argenteo marginatis, thoracis humeris albo squamosis, calcaribus albis, alis anticis cyaneis, posticis lurido-hyalinis cyaneo marginatis. Metallic blue, stout, varied with green and purple. Head silvery white about the eyes. Palpi almost vertical, not rising higher than the head. Thorax with smooth closely-applied scales ; a tuft of white scales on each in front. Abdomen nearly linear ; apical tuft rather long. Legs stout, squamous; spurs white. Fore wings bright metallic blue, tinged with purple ; costa slightly dilated towards the tip ; fringe cupreous purple like that of the hind wings. Hind wings vitreous, with a lurid tinge, bordered With metallic blue; costa irregularly and veins purplish blue. Length of the body 8 lines ; of the wings 15 lines. . SANNINA RUFIFINIS , n. s. Mas. Cupreo-purpurea, capite argenteo, humeris albo squamosis, abdomine lateribus basi albo fasciculatis, iiimidio apicali rufo, tibiis posticis nigro subfimbriatis, calcaribqs albis, alis anticis viridibns apices versus purpureis, posticis luridovitreis. Male. Cupreous purple, in structure like the preceding species. Head silvery white in front and about the eyes. Thorax with a tuft of white scales on each side in front. Abdomen with a tuft of white hairs on each side at the base; apical half and apical tuft bright red. Legs stout, squamous ; tibiae slightly fringed with black hairs ; spurs white. Fore wings metallic green, purple towards the tips; costa Maze. COLLECTED AT SABAWAE. 83 slightly dilated towards the tip. Hind wings vitreous, with a lurid tinge ; costa irregularly, veins and fringe purple. Length of the body 8 lines ; of the wings 15 lines. Gen. MELITTIA, IZiiBn. 4. MELTTTIA FAsciAT.4, n. s. Fam. Metallico-nigra, crassa, .capite si6tus fasciculato, abdomine fascia lata rufa, tibiis posticis nigro late fasciculatis basi albido piiosis, alis auticis nigris apices versus pallidis subaurato tomentosis, pasticis limpidis, costa venaque la inferiore nigro marginatis. Head with a thick tuft at the base of the palpi. Pnlpi hardly ascending higher than the vertex ; 3rd joint lanceolate, about one-third of the length of the second. Antennae hrdly thicker exteriorly, Abdomen with a broad red band, which is mostly before the middle. Legs stout; hind tibise with whitish hairs at the base; the rest broadly fringed with black hairs. Fore wings black, narrow, slightly broader towards the tips ; apical part pale, with slightly gilded tomentum. Hind wings limpid, blackish along the costa and along the 1st inferior vein. Length of the body 12 Lines ; of the wiugs 24 lines. Female. Metallic black, very robust.
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