Multilayer relaxation and search for ferromagnetic order at the (100) surface of bulk paramagnetic vanadium

D. Lacina, J. Yang, J. L. Erskine
2007 Physical Review B  
Low-energy-electron-diffraction ͑LEED͒ intensity measurements and multiple-scattering analysis for V͑100͒, supported by accurate characterization of surface impurity concentrations based on Auger-electron spectroscopy, are used to obtain a meaningful extrapolation of the first-layer relaxation to the clean surface value: d 12 = 1.36± 0.05 Å, corresponding to ⌬ 12 = −10% ± 3% relative to the bulk value d 0 = 1.514 Å. A highsensitivity probe for surface magnetism based on magneto-optic Kerr
more » ... to-optic Kerr effect polarimetry using the cleanest surfaces achieved in the LEED experiment ͑ϳ5% C͒ yields a ͑sensitivity limited͒ null result with an estimated upper limit of 0.05 B /surface atom. These results are discussed within the framework of related experiments and in relation to the predictive accuracy of ab initio calculations that explore the surface structure and magnetism of V͑100͒ both of which are sensitive to different approximations for the exchange-correlation potential in density-functional theory.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.75.195423 fatcat:z2zpi2lv6fb5dka4hdd2sng6me