Ekonomia społeczna wobec wyzwań polityki społecznej - w poszukiwaniu wspólnych relacji i przestrzeni

Majka Łojko
2017 Kwartalnik Kolegium Ekonomiczno-Społecznego. Studia i Prace  
The aim of the article is to present the relations between social economy and social policy as well as to identify the main challenges in the sphere of mutual relations. The main thesis of the article is contained in the statement that the social economy sector is an important instrument for the implementation of social policy, so far insufficiently appreciated and applied in its activities. Social economy, because of its current validity and defined priorities in social policy, deserves a
more » ... matic and in-depth research as well as practical application. This paper comprises theoretical considerations presented on the basis of the source literature
doi:10.33119/kkessip.2017.3.2 fatcat:jlcbvo22uvhdha6gt56k4nplmi