Dissociation energies of metal-carbon bonds and the excitation energies of metal atoms in combination

L. H. Long
1961 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Volatile methyl compounds are formed by the majority of elements standing up to six places before a rare gas, so that as a dass they represent all groups and periods of the Periodic System with the exception of Group I. Accordingly, the volatile methyls provide a particularly suitable dass of compounds for a comparative study of the covalent bonds which the metals and non-metals concerned form with carbon; and this study in turn throws light on the magnitudes of the internal excitation energies
more » ... excitation energies possessed by these elements when engaged in covalent bonding. Former approaches to this problern have been almost entirely theoretical. For convenience, the term " metal-carbon bond " will be used throughout this paper to denote all bonds of the type stated, whether the element linked to carbon is a metal or not.
doi:10.1351/pac196102010061 fatcat:rpvviit3vfa7dp3qfottier4cm