A distributed approach for multi-constrained path selection and routing optimization

Zhenjiang Li, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
2006 Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Quality of service in heterogeneous wired/wireless networks - QShine '06  
Multi-constrained path (MCP) selection, in which the key objective is to search for feasible paths satisfying multiple routing constraints simultaneously, is known to be an NP-Complete problem. Multi-constrained path optimization (MCPO) is different from MCP mainly in that, the feasible paths selected should also be optimal with regard to an optimization metric, which makes path computation in MCPO even harder. We propose a fully distributed multi-constrained path optimization routing (MPOR)
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doi:10.1145/1185373.1185420 dblp:conf/qshine/LiG06 fatcat:wemj7mot2feszlzl77og3jvefa