Preparation of Au/TiO2/Ti memristive elements via anodic oxidation

P.A. Morozova, D.I. Petukhov
2017 Nanosistemy fizika himiâ matematika  
In the present paper we report utilization of porous and barrier type of titania films formed by anodic oxidation as an active layer of the memristive element in the Au-TiO 2 -Ti structure. The comparison of semiconductor properties of porous and barrier type of anodic titania was performed via the Mott-Schottky technique. The obtained memristive elements show the bipolar type of switching governed by Schottky barrier screening. For barrier type film the switching potential is equal to −1.5 V
more » ... d the ratio of resistance in OFF and ON stage (R of f /Ron) is equal to 34. For porous type films, the switching potential is equal to −0.6 V and R of f /Ron = 131. Moreover, we observed the dependence of R of f /Ron on the voltage sweeping rate, which can be explained by the limitation in diffusion of oxygen vacancies through the oxide layer.
doi:10.17586/2220-8054-2017-8-6-823-829 fatcat:jtjvdfru2bgppf6uq5ieg7v3n4