Selection of Appropriate Coastal Protection Structure Using AHP Method

Barbara Karleuša, Nino Krvavica, Igor Ružić
2020 Environmental Sciences Proceedings  
The selection of an appropriate coastal protection structure using multi-criteria analysis method AHP (analytic hierarchy process) was presented by a case study of a beach reconstruction in the Kostanj Bay (north-western part of Croatia). The newly designed beach (about 300 m long) will be formed on the western part of the bay by the additional filling of the natural rocky coastline with gravel and building reinforced concrete seawalls towards the sea. The beach will be protected by a submerged
more » ... cted by a submerged breakwater. Five different alternatives were analysed and defined by a different design of the protective breakwater. The first alternative, without the submerged breakwater, was considered as the baseline alternative. An additional four alternatives were examined based on four criteria and five sub-criteria, which considered the technical, economic, social and environmental impacts. The sensitivity of the ranking for the considered alternatives was analysed using five criteria importance scenarios.
doi:10.3390/environsciproc2020002004 fatcat:ib3oh57l25eo5mn4npg4fll2di