Bibliographical Notices Clinique Chirurgicale de l'Hôpital de la Charité . Prof. Gosselin. Paris. 1873

1874 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Clinique Chirurgicale de l'H\l=o^\pital de la Charit\l=e'\. Prof. Gosselin. Paris. 1873. The second volume of this work contains a number of lectures on diseases of the genito-urinary organs; we will only notice one important point relating to the causes of stricture of the urethra. Prof. Gossclin repeatedly asserts his strong conviction that tho use of urethra! injections in gonorrhoea is an unnecessary and often harmful moans of treatment, being one of the most, fruitful sources of stricture.
more » ... His strong statements to this effect, coming from such an authority, will load many of his readers to altogether discard this mode of treatment. Authorities of equal weight could easily be adduced in support of injections, but tho limited space at our command forbids our attempting to discuss such opinions as may bo brought forward in this very summary review, however little, we may foci inclined to endorse them. In this connection, however, wc arc tempted to recall to our readers a valuable paper on Stricture by Bryant (Guy's Hospitul Reports, 3d scries, vol. viii.), in which the causes of the disease wore carefully investigated in 040 cases; in only 78 of all those cases (1*2 por cent.) had injections boon used at all, and with regard to this small proportion of cases, the question remains open whether stricture should be attributed to the treatment used or to prolonged urethritis, on which, in course of time, all known modos of treatment, injections included, arc usually brought to bear. BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS RECEIVED Second Biennial Report of tho State
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