Busca Hill-Climbing Modificada aplicada à Observação de Alvos Cooperativos (CTO) movendo-se sobre um Grafo Planar

Levi Porto Figueredo, José Everardo Bessa Maia
2020 Anais do Computer on the Beach  
ABSTRACTIn the Cooperative Targets Observation (CTO) problem, a groupof observing agents with limited vision should be commanded inorder to keep the observation of multiple target agents in motion inorder to maximize the average number of targets observed duringthe period under consideration. Targets are cooperative in the sensethat they do not run away from observers. This article describes andevaluates the application of a modified Hill-Climbing algorithm tothe CTO problem when the movement
more » ... the targets is restricted to aplanar graph. It is argued howthis newconfiguration of the problemcan be representative of a practical situation. The performance ofthe proposed algorithm surpasses that of two other algorithmswidely applied to the problem that are classic Hill-Climbing andK-Means.
doi:10.14210/cotb.v11n1.p345-350 fatcat:g63l3iqixja27k753nscqkwhty