Relating Multi-Adjoint Normal Logic Programs to Core Fuzzy Answer Set Programs from a Semantical Approach

M. Eugenia Cornejo, David Lobo, Jesús Medina
2020 Mathematics  
This paper relates two interesting paradigms in fuzzy logic programming from a semantical approach: core fuzzy answer set programming and multi-adjoint normal logic programming. Specifically, it is shown how core fuzzy answer set programs can be translated into multi-adjoint normal logic programs and vice versa, preserving the semantics of the starting program. This translation allows us to combine the expressiveness of multi-adjoint normal logic programming with the compactness and simplicity
more » ... ess and simplicity of the core fuzzy answer set programming language. As a consequence, theoretical properties and results which relate the answer sets to the stable models of the respective logic programming frameworks are obtained. Among others, this study enables the application of the existence theorem of stable models developed for multi-adjoint normal logic programs to ensure the existence of answer sets in core fuzzy answer set programs.
doi:10.3390/math8060881 fatcat:3wr4vsbbfvew5ibekvglpsvrlm