Breast phantom with silicone implant for evaluation in conventional mammography

Fábio A. R. Silva, Luíza F Souza, Carlos E. G. Salmon, Divanizia N Souza
2010 Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics  
With the increased incidence of cancer and a similarly increased number of surgeries for insertion of silicone breast implants, it is necessary to assess the effect of such material within the breast tissue, particularly in mammography, because of the reduction in the power of breast cancer diagnosis. In this work, we introduce a breast phantom with silicone implants in order to evaluate the influence of the implant on the visibility of the main mammographic findings: fibers,
more » ... and tumor masses. In this proposed phantom, the breast tissue was simulated using gel paraffin. In the optical density of phantom mammograms with implants, a reduction in breast tissue visibility was seen corresponding to 23% when compared to a phantom without silicone implants. This poor visibility was due to the X-ray beam scattering on silicone material; this effect produced a loss of visibility in the areas adjacent to the implant. It is expected that the proposed phantom model may be used as a device for the establishment of a technical standard for these types of procedures.
doi:10.1120/jacmp.v12i1.3340 fatcat:iqtke7ghg5en3pkynlb4y233iu