K Aparna, Kelli Raghuram
International Journal of Emerging Engineering Science and Technology   unpublished
In today's world scenario, there is tremendous development in the field of automobile and every day, there is new invention is arrived to do better out transport facility. It is found that the prize of fuel is growing widely, so every company is trying to make the vehicle more fuel efficient and having best quality and comfort for the user. Also company may concentrated on very important fact, service after sale it is consider spinal code in the field of automobile. Most of the company may
more » ... their 50% of their income on research and development to make their vehicle better. Previously this task is very expensive in absence of recent technology, for testing and design like CAD/CAM and the analysis software like Ansys software, the prediction is very difficult about any product. Also CFD is play major role for the aerodynamic designing for the automobile. Using Different CAD/CAM software one can design the product as per the requirement, can also manufacture easily on CNC machine. In previous days, once the product is design it will be at least few years remains in the market .But now a days, in every six month new model will be launched by the company due the advancement in the automotive sector. This project work is based on bi-metallic component used in automobile; there are lots of many bimetallic components used in automobile application. In this case, piston is identified. It induces the thermal stress in the material to overcome this serious problem. Hence it is suggested that the alternative material for piston to increase its efficiency and to obtain better output for thermal values. In this thesis we are going to plan to design an original piston and then to modification to the bimetallic piston model and then we are going to analysis in the ANSYS software.