Inflation and the Higgs Scalar [report]

Dan Green
2014 unpublished
This note makes a self-contained exposition of the basic facts of big bang cosmology as they relate to inflation. The fundamental problems with that model are then explored. A simple scalar model of inflation is evaluated which provides the solution of those problems and makes predictions which will soon be definitively tested. The possibility that the recently discovered fundamental Higgs scalar field drives inflation is explored. fantastically fine-tuned in order to successfully predict the
more » ... esently observed small value of the curvature of space-time. These basic issues for BB cosmology have led to the hypothesis of "inflation" which postulates an unknown scalar field which causes an exponential expansion of the Universe at very early times [8], [9] . This attractive hypothesis can solve the problems of flatness and causal CMB connectivity which are inherent in BB cosmology. In addition, the zero point quantum fluctuations of this postulated field provide a natural explanation of the CMB temperature perturbations and the associated large-scale structure of the Universe. Researchers are now searching for gravitational waves imprinted on the CMB [10], [11] . These would be strong evidence for inflation since metrical fluctuations are produced in inflationary models. This note is a very basic exposition of the BB cosmology and an inflationary model. The simplest scalar model will be explored in detail first because it is easy to understand, contains all the basic elements of the inflationary model [12] , and is presently consistent with the data. Another model is covered briefly for comparison. Finally, the Higgs field can be the inflationary field, although a non-minimal coupling of the Higgs to gravity is needed.
doi:10.2172/1172535 fatcat:7xmyflxiezgwxbidfjly6qhbtq