Fixed Word-Combination and Simple Word-Combination in the Terminology of Economy in Accordance with English Language

Sadete Pllana, Albulena Pllana Breznica
2017 European Journal of Language and Literature  
The problems of economic terminology can be handled from different angles. Today, there are many discussions about the concept of phrase terms and their reflection in the explanatory dictionaries of economic terms. Phrasal terms are reflected lexicographically in the terminology dictionaries but are also included in the explanatory dictionaries, collective lexicographic works and of the codifying and normative character of the Albanian language. The subjects break down the concepts in a
more » ... ent way, so today they have become one of the key tools for constructing terms in general. The widespread dissemination of fixed word-combination phrases in language as a specific lexical-syntax unit, especially in the terminology of the economy, creates a special layer in the terminology lexicon circle, which is characterized by specific features and attributes. Therefore, in this paper, we have been dealing with fixed and simple word-combination phrases, more widespread in the terminology of the economy, in accordance with the English language.
doi:10.26417/ejls.v9i1.p129-136 fatcat:qt5r76zvmzbhhn5qkky7lsx45m