Merkel cell carcinoma. On one case
Carcinoma de células de Merkel. A propósito de un caso

M Cires Bezanilla, C I González, F J Jiménez, T Rubio, I Amat
Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra  
We present the case of an 86 year old woman who was sent for consultation at General Surgery due to asymptomatic tumouration on the back face of the left thigh whose size had increased during the 2 previous months. Physical exploration revealed tumouration that was painless, excrescent, indurated, mobile and well delimited, with a diameter of 5 cm, a reddish colour and a rough surface. Tumoural extirpation was carried out with broad margins, with a hystopathological result of primary cutaneous
more » ... primary cutaneous neuro-endocrynal carcinoma or Merkel cell carcinoma. Computerised tomography was carried out, observing tumoural adenopathies in the para-aortic spaces, iliac chains and left femorals, as well as edema in the lower left extremity. The patient was sent to the Oncology service for treatment, without presenting a satisfactory evolution and with a progressive deterioration of her general state, dying within the first year after diagnosis.
pmid:18953366 fatcat:5qcgmh42mbf5tkt7owmjexsu6q