Efek Rukyah sebelum Pemotongan terhadap Hematologi Ayam Broiler

T. Aulawi, J. Hermanianto, R. Syarief, H. Nuraini
Rukyah is one of the efforts to suppress livestock stress pre-slaughter which is extracted from the norms and customs that develop in the community. Rukyah literally means incantation or incantation or prayer. The purpose of the study was to obtain basic data that can be used to improve the stunning method of livestock pre-slaughtering with the rukyah method so as to determine the effect of rukyah pre-slaughter on the hematological profile of broiler chickens.Twenty blood markers of broilers
more » ... ly abrortypes acres age of 27 days with a range of 900-1000 g body weight were divided into 4 treatment (P1 = control, P2 = reading rukyahorally, P3 = rukyah reading by recording, and P4 = stunning by electricity) prior to pre-slaughter and 5 replications by experimental of complete randomized design (CRD). Parameters observed were leukocytes, lymphocytes, heterophile and ratio H/L.Based can be on the results of this study showed that oral treatment of rukyah before slaughtering broiler chickensas psychological therapy was the best treatment among treatments for leukocytes 22.30 ± 0.1310 3 /mm 3 , heterophile 25.43 ± 0.13%, ratio H / L 0.44 ± 0.00% and rukyah recorded pre-slaughter broiler chickens as psychological therapy was the best treatment among treatments for lymphocytes 58.14 ± 0.02%. The conclusion of this study was the rukyah method pre-slaughter broiler chickens as a psychological therapy showed a lower trend of hematology (leukocytes, heterophiles, lymphocytes and ratio H / L) broiler chickens.
doi:10.24014/jupet.v18i2.10354 fatcat:o2kdy3toejbivowa7ikqyyyo2y