Sensitizing Protoplasm

1910 Botanical Gazette  
i6o BOTANICAL GAZETTE [FEBRUARY suspect, ABERSON, in reinvestigating the question,'5 sought only to determine the concentration of the H ions to which the solvent action must be due. By using the delicate electrometric method of NERNST he has found that the concentration of the H ions corresponds to that in water (8.5 to 0 . 5 X IO-8 in root excretions at I6-200, as against 7. 7X IO-8 in water at i80). He then proceeds to show that the H ions present in such a concentrated solution of H2C03 as
more » ... lution of H2C03 as is found in the mucus investing the root hair are from 200 to 4000 times as numerous as in the other excretions, and that the results of other observers, who used indicators, are consonant with the quantities of H ions found. The carbonic acid is quite sufficient to account. for all the solvent action of the roots.-C. R. B.
doi:10.1086/330142 fatcat:meuo5tklzzcyzchhledkas5sv4