New Miscellaneous Inventions

1877 Scientific American  
Jtitufifit !ntttitau. men and animals. This journey adds about 1! cents to the sClew-tapped inside part of its length, and tapered ontside below the top ' of the screw, and the latter locked by means of the jam nnt. The top of : down on the rod by pressing on the levers of the same nntil the rod and .. � • � ... the cover is slotted for the escape of steam dnring an alarm, and concen-I carpet are rigidly and evenJy retained along the entire base board of the FRAUDULENT USE OF BENZINE.-Benzine
more » ... BENZINE.-Benzine is frequently , trically cast on the bottom of the cover is another flange, which laps over, room. The carpet may be readily taken np by releasing the bnttons from substituted for and mixed with turpentine by unprincipled the largest part or npper end of the valve, and shuts off communication' the rods and removing them, admitting thns the convenient laying down between the interior of the cap and the long spring cham'ber of the and taking up of carpets, and furnishing a superior and neater fastening ea ers, u 1 IS ar In enor 0 urpen me or ill lxmg pam. valve, thns excluding everything injnrious from the spring chamber. than the common tacks in general use • Publishers, 233 South 5th street. Contains chapters on types of male and female beauty which give meas uremerrts so that anybody in p'lll l'iB naturalibm posted before a mirror, tape line in Bandt can soon discover whether his Uf her proportions come up to the standard here set forth. That done, the reader can compare each of his or her features in turn with the ideals described in the succes sive chapters devoted thereto,and at the same time he or she will get some probably useful ideas as to how to fmprove portions which are not strictly beautiful. The author offers some suggestions as to dress and in general labors to convince his readers that "the proper study of mankind is man." THE METALLURGICAL REVIEW. Published by David Williams, 83 Reade street, New York city. , $5 per year. IMPROVED SAF�:rY VAL VE. th� devices for so moving the several parts as set forth. the office either by draw wires or by galvanic battery w'res, 80 that an Erastus B. Kunkle, Fort Wayne, Ind.-This invention has relation to IMPROVED CARPET FASTENER. alarm will be sounded in the office when a trapdoor is opened. Meansmay safety valves for steam generators, and especially to valves which have ap-Jesse Failing, Umatilla, Oregon.-This invention has reference to a sim-be adopted for opening and shutting all of the trapdoors of a building from plied to them means for preventing them from being tampered with by ! pIe and dnrable'device for' fastening carpets along the base board of the one fi xed point, at the same time each trapdoor may be opened by a person improper persons. The tubnlar box or body of the instrument is enlarged room, and taking them up with great facility, the carpet presenting, by the in the room to which the fi re escape is applied. A chain ladder, which is above and contracted below, and tonstructed with a male thread cut on nse of this fastening, a smoother and neater surface than when fastened attached to the top wall of the recess, and made of snfficient length to its lower end, and a . number orholes in its largest end, to receive a span-by the common tack s; and the invention consists of a metallic rod running reach the cnrbstone of the sidewalk, where its lower end can be attached ner for , screwing it into place, on a boiler., A screw thread is also cut on along the base board, and having the 'edge of the 'carpet placed around the to hooks or rings fi xed thereto. The lower end of the ladder is attached the npper end of the body to receive a perforated cap, which is held fast same and pressed down on studs or pins driven into the fl oor in front of to a fl anged drnm or reel, on which it is wound, and pnt into the receptacle. by II smllll set screw, In the center of the cap is a tubular hub, which is the rod, which is :Il.nally retained by grooved eccentric buttons or c\tms ' When the door is opened the reel will fall and unwind. IMPROVED STREET CAR A WNING_ Frank P. McIntyre, Philadelphia, Pa.-The object of this invention ieto provide an awning for street care, designed to extend over the horses and protect them from the excessive and exhausting heat of summer. The in vention consists in a horizontal longitudinal supporting rod arranged In or Lewis S. Woodside, Riverton, Iowa, assignor to himself and Morris S. convenient feature of the same, as the shafts may be retained in raisedpo Sober, of same place.-The object of this invention is to furnish an im-sition, and lowered when the horse or horses are harnessed. By pushing proved attachment for com planters, which shall be so constructed as to en-the sleeve in so that the shoulder is between the supporting plates, the able the seed to be planted in accurate check row without its being neces-shaft may be lowered, and ie thereby securely coupled. The "lee"e turns eary to mark the ground in anyway. The invention consists in the com bi-in the eye around the pivot, which facilitates the coupling, while the front nation of twCl chains, two pairs of hinged blocks,and wheels or rollere, with part of the recessed support secures the desired resistance to the draft. the lever that operates the seed-dropping slide, and with the driving wheels The shafts are, by the use of this coupling, easily coupled and uncoupled, and their axles. The wheels are rigidly attached to the journals of the I and also spuported in raised poitions when required.
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