A Two-Scale Approach for Lubricated Soft-Contact Modeling: An Application to Lip-Seal Geometry

Michele Scaraggi, Giuseppe Carbone
2012 Advances in Tribology  
We consider the case of soft contacts in mixed lubrication conditions. We develop a novel, two scales contact algorithm in which the fluid- and asperity-asperity interactions are modeled within a deterministic or statistic scheme depending on the length scale at which those interactions are observed. In particular, the effects of large-scale roughness are deterministically calculated, whereas those of small-scale roughness are included by solving the corresponding homogenized problem. The
more » ... problem. The contact scheme is then applied to the modeling of dynamic seals. The main advantage of the approach is the tunable compromise between the high-computing demanding characteristics of deterministic calculations and the much lower computing requirements of the homogenized solutions.
doi:10.1155/2012/412190 fatcat:yst4a56krjbhphbbm5zv6vtf2y