Determination of p-nitroaniline by the tartrate-acetone-Mn2+-KBrO3-H2SO4 double organic substrate oscillating system using non-equilibrium stationary state

Jinzhang Gao, Jing Liu, Jie Ren, Xiuli Niu, Yingying Zhang, Wu Yang
2009 Open Chemistry  
AbstractThis paper described the determination of p-nitroaniline in a double organic substrate oscillating system of tartrate-acetone-Mn2+-KBrO3-H2SO4. Under the optimum conditions, temperature was chosen as a control parameter to design the bifurcation point and proposed a convenient method for determination of p-nitroaniline. Results showed that the system consisting of 3.5 mL 0.06 mol L−1 tartrate, 4.0 mL 0.7 mol L−1 H2SO4, 1.5 mL 1.5×10−4 mol L−1 MnSO4, 4.0 mL 0.4 mol L−1 acetone and 7.0 mL
more » ... 0.05 mol L−1 KBrO3 was very sensitive to the surrounding at 33.5°C. A good linear relationship between the potential difference and the negative logarithm concentration of p-nitroaniline was obtained to be in the range of 2.50×10−7∼3.75×10−5 mol L−1 with a lower detection limit of 2.50×10−8 mol L−1.
doi:10.2478/s11532-009-0060-9 fatcat:sfefcvg4endbhpnhe2yl37dkw4