Soil Sealing Assessment in the Town Trnava
Hodnotenie nepriepustného prekrytia pôdy (soil – sealing) na území mesta Trnava

Monika Kopecká, Konštantín Rosina
2012 Geografické informácie  
The extent of soil sealing or impervious surface area is one of the key indicators of environmental quality. In this study soil sealing assessment has focused on impervious surface coverage within land cover classes using very high resolution satellite data WorldView 2 and updated database of reference spatial data on national level -ZB GIS. The study area covers 40 km 2 surrounding the town Trnava, Slovakia. It includes various land cover classes that provide a good test site for soil sealing
more » ... e for soil sealing assessment. Results of the soil sealing assessment provide useful inputs to planning and management activities at local scale.
doi:10.17846/gi.2012.16.1.192-203 fatcat:jaw2ejdqufgkxep4phweazchse