Cross-cultural Communication and Foreign Language Teaching

Song Hu
2014 Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Education Technology and Social Science   unpublished
Through researching basic contents of cross-cultural communication, this paper discusses inseparable relationship between cross-cultural communication and foreign language teaching and main problems existing in current foreign language teaching, and points out the fundamental objective of foreign language teaching -to achieve cross-cultural communication. I. Introduction The purpose of studying cross-cultural communication includes three. Firstly, cultivate people to hold active understanding
more » ... ive understanding attitude to different cultures. Cultures are different. Through discovering differences of the other party, we can in turn deepen understanding of our culture so as to master cultural features objectively. In the process of discovering differences, we should notice significant the common points. Secondly, cultivate adaptive capacity during cross-cultural contact. When contacting different cultures the first time, we will often suffer cultural shock and thus result in maladjustment. To make communication continue, we must try our best to relieve impacts and improve adaptive capacity. Thirdly, cultivate cross-cultural communication skills. As opening to the outside world further expands, the number of people going abroad or participating in cross-cultural communication domestically becomes more and more. They need to learn and master practical skills when communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds. Based on this, practical significance of study on cross-cultural communication is greater than theoretical significance.
doi:10.2991/icetss-14.2014.54 fatcat:25uf564qnnfftfwtf35ycvkazi