Solutions with Solid State Switches for Pulse Modulators

A. Welleman, R. Leutwyler
2008 2008 IEEE International Power Modulators and High-Voltage Conference  
This presentation will show solutions with Solid State Switches designed and produced for Pulse Modulators in applications like Particle Beam Accelerators, Radar Power Supplies, Medical Modulators etc. Examples of semiconductor switches using IGCT (Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor) technology for long Pulse Modulators as well as switches using fast, high di/dt discharge devices for Radar Power Supplies, Environmental applications and Medical Modulators with their advantages and
more » ... es and disadvantages are presented. Because of the large field experience with the presented switches, also reliability information is included. For on-off switching with reaction times of less than 5 µs the trend with newer technologies like IGBT will be discussed and stackable pressure contact IGBT devices with increased Collector-Emitter voltage of 4500V will be presented. These devices, which are in volume production with Vces=2500V and are mainly in use for High Voltage DC power transmission systems, will now become available with Vces=4500V for pulsed power applications.
doi:10.1109/ipmc.2008.4743568 fatcat:5nz5ipdwzrbm5bhrru7py663om