Contribution to The Performance of Mobile Radio Systems by Optimizing The Okumura Hata Model by Linear Regression: Application to The City of Annaba in Algeria

Riad Saidi, Lamir Saidi, Zine el abidine Regai
2017 International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics  
The study of propagation characteristics is a fundamental step in mobile radio engineering; which is intended to achieve maximum performance for a mobile radio system. To do this, the propagation models are essential tools for this study such as the evaluation of the signal strength received by a mobile terminal, the evaluation of coverage radii and deduce the number of cells needed to cover a given area, such as radio planning, which in turn is the step that aims to estimate the necessary
more » ... the necessary equipment and configurations of the radio interface. In this work we adopt the standard K factor model and OKUMURA HATA model to demonstrate a propagation model adapted to the physical environment of the city of Annaba in Algeria using a linear regression algorithm based on the ordinary least squares method. Radio measurements were carried out on the CDMA network of operator Mobilis. The calculation of the square root of the mean square error between the actual data and the radio measurements and the prediction data derived from the model implemented allowing the validation of the results obtained. A comparative study between the value of the RMSE obtained by the new model and those obtained by the models K standard factors and the model of OKUMURA HATA allows us to conclude that the new model is better adapted to our local environment than that of OKUMURA HATA. The new model obtained can help increase the performance of mobile radio systems deployed in our territory.
doi:10.15676/ijeei.2017.9.4.3 fatcat:nfbecmfdtnflzd3h222tm6mbsi