Experimental Study of Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fiber Optical Switching Effect in Liquid Nitrogen Environment

Ningfang Song, Yunhao Zhu, Xiaobin Xu, Shijie Xu, Fuyu Gao
2020 IEEE Photonics Journal  
In this study, the hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HC-PCF) optical switching effect in liquid nitrogen (LN 2 ) environment is demonstrated and experimentally investigated. Turning off the light transmission is realized by the liquefaction of air present in the airholes of the HC-PCF when the fiber is immersed in LN 2 , and turning on the light transmission is realized by the evaporation of air when the fiber is taken out of LN 2 . The extinction ratio of the optical switching effect is
more » ... hing effect is found to be ∼50 dB; furthermore, the turn-on and turn-off time of the optical switching effect can reach ∼8 s and ∼3 s, respectively. Thus, optical switching effect in a HC-PCF in LN 2 environment can be easily realized, which is beneficial in building all-fiber in-line low-frequency optical-switching systems that can be potentially applied in areas such as fiber sensors. Index Terms: Hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HC-PCF), Liquid nitrogen environment, Optical switching effect.
doi:10.1109/jphot.2020.2987965 fatcat:vp4kpcqdevhahdn46xwa5gymna