Kazuhiko MATSUNOBU, Makoto ANDO, Tadaharu ISHIKAWA
2014 Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers Ser B1 (Hydraulic Engineering)  
松延和彦 1 ・安藤誠 2 ・石川忠晴 3 Kazuhiko MATSUNOBU, Makoto ANDO and Tadaharu ISHIKAWA 1 学生会員 修(工) 東京工業大学 大学院総合理工学研究科環境理工学創造専攻 In a meandering river, the interaction of flow and bed deformation intensifies the stream shift. It is an important problem how to describe this process in the modeling of meandering river. This paper presents the method for simulating the time evolution of river bed topography in one dimension on the basis of existing meandering flow model. First, the fitting method for the bed
more » ... ethod for the bed topography of channel experiment data is discussed for the model calculation. The result of stream shift calculation under the condition of the fitted bed topography agrees roughly with the experiment data. After that, this paper mentions how to calculate the bed deformation, adding the continuity equation of bed load in one dimensional flow model. Although the result partially agreed with the experiment data, the phase lag of bed undulations to channel curvature was underestimated. Therefore, the method how to correct the equation and express the phase lag well is also discussed.
doi:10.2208/jscejhe.70.i_745 fatcat:36rw4qan2rcrpkyzkq7gcddyru