The External Anatomy of the Sarcoptes of the Horse1

P. A. Buxton
1921 Parasitology  
With Plate VII and 22 Text-figures.) CONTENTS. PAGE PARASITOLOGY, VOL XIII. NO. 2 PLATE VII 100 microns Sarcoples scabiei var. equi, anterior end of dorsal surface of adult female, cap, capitulum; ch, ehelicera; C 1-4, setae of capitulum; D 1-2, dorsal setae; el, epaulette; ep, epistome; P 2-A, pedal setae; pi, plastron; si, rudiment of stigma (?); /, first leg. x 540. The plate and all the text-figures have been drawn with a camera lucida.
doi:10.1017/s0031182000012361 fatcat:3vlcgqefsbdhpjzms5iwu6ja7q