Anti-proliferative effects of Chinese herb Cornus officinalis in a cell culture model for estrogen receptor‑positive clinical breast cancer

N. Telang
2011 Molecular Medicine Reports  
anti-prolifertive E 2 metabolite 2-hydoxyestrone (2-OHE 1 ), a 63.6% decrease in the formation of the pro-mitogenic metabolite 16α-hydroxestrone (16-αOHE 1 ) and a 9.1% decrease in the formation of mitogenically inert metabolite estrone (E 3 ). These alterations led to a 14.5-fold increase in the 2-OHE 1 :16α-OHE 1 , and a 3.3-fold increase in the E 3 :16α-OHE 1 ratios. These data validate a rapid cell culture-based mechanistic approach to prioritize efficacious herbal medicinal products for
more » ... g-term animal studies and future clinical trials on ER + clinical breast cancer.
doi:10.3892/mmr.2011.617 pmid:21971582 fatcat:eke2pdq4mnbn3kgvf4kxk2vw6q