Parallel Nonoverlapping DDM Combined with the Characteristic Method for Incompressible Miscible Displacements in Porous Media

Keying Ma, Tongjun Sun
2013 Advances in Numerical Analysis  
Two types of approximation schemes are established for incompressible miscible displacements in porous media. First, standard mixed finite element method is used to approximate the velocity and pressure. And then parallel non-overlapping domain decomposition methods combined with the characteristics method are presented for the concentration. These methods use the characteristic method to handle the material derivative term of the concentration equation in the subdomains and explicit flux
more » ... explicit flux calculations on the interdomain boundaries by integral mean method or extrapolation method to predict the inner-boundary conditions. Thus, the velocity and pressure can be approximated simultaneously, and the parallelism can be achieved for the concentration equation. The explicit nature of the flux prediction induces a time step limitation that is necessary to preserve stability. These schemes hold the advantages of nonoverlapping domain decomposition methods and the characteristic method. Optimal error estimates in L2-norm are derived for these two schemes, respectively.
doi:10.1155/2013/303952 fatcat:qeqdqhqmhbhtvpiqshw4g54wci